Frase Got Talent 2015 Catalogue
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Stefano Cozzi (Italy) and Veronica De Giovanelli (Italy) are respectively the winners of the 2nd and 3rd prize


The Future Ahead, a video essay firstly exhibited in the solo show The Destruction Of Experience (Evelyn Yard, London), is a faux documentary on Justin Bieber’s forehead, a pseudo medical paper that explains how expression marks and forehead lines are being appropriated from women to become a gendered trait as signifiers of experience -and therefore masculinity.

It follows the aesthetics of previous video essays such as Buyer, Walker, Rover and continues the same conversation on objects, value and trends, while adapting these topics to the physicalites of the flesh.

FRASE GOT TALENT award aims to encourage the talent of young artists who have distinguished themselves through creative originality and critical interest in the world of visual arts.


The theme of the Award on which the artists are called to express their creativity is
accelerated culture

Press Release Frase Got Talent
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Frase Got Talent Audience Award


The poll for the Audience Award has been closed. We are happy to announce that the winner is Stefano Cescon with 351 votes.
Thanks to the 1.189 friends who voted in the past days.


Amalia Ulman, The Future Ahead, video essay, is a faux documentary on Justin Bieber’s forehead
Andrea Grotto, Post party, 2013, sala da pranzo 1997, acrylic and oil on canvas
Anthony Cudahy, 2014, Blind leading the blind, oil on canvas, 22 x 22 in
Barbara Prenka
Catherine Ross, 2015, Maiden Way. Acrylic, oil pastel on paper, A2
Enej Gala, unilateral emancipation of an embarrassment, 2013, oil on canvas, 120x150cm
Luisa de Donato, Judith and Holophernes, 2014, sculpture resin and hornets 5cm x 5cm x 5cm
Marissa Wedenig, Dedicated to Phiona Mutesi, 2014, aquarelle, paper cut and video back projection, 100 x 70 cm
Nino Galluzzo, Vessel 7, 2015, Archival pigment print on arches aquarelle watercolor paper 10x14 inches in artist’s frame with custom matting
Ramonn Vieitez, Assassins (black series) nº 02, 2015, oil on canvas, 60 x 50 cm
Silvia Giordani, untutled, 2014, oil on canvas, 150x100 cm
Stefano Cescon, Segnali di fumo 176x150 cm
Stefano Cozzi, Stranded, An immersive installation to look into the far distance consequences of the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland, in the spring of 2010
Valinia Svoronou, Celestial Muse 2013, Pink flip flop, black flip flop, 3d prints, after Trisha Donnelly
Veronica de Giovanelli, 2014, Fast flow Acrilic and oil on canvas, 165 x 200 cm
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For us, the art is an adventure to an unknown world which can be explored only by those willing to
take risks.

Mark Rothko

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