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We are happy to announce that the Italian Artist Luca Arboccò (1992) is the winner of the 3rd Frase Got Talent Prize with the work Three channels (Trompe l’oeil)

“Three channels (Trompe l’oeil) originates from the attempt to convey a credible vision of reality through the partition of an image into three channels (RGB), - said the artist – a techique which is typical of many digital image processing softwares.

My work consists of three plexiglass panels, that show the same print reproduced into three channels (one for each panel). The original idea of the print comes from the image of a trompe l’oeil taken from the internet, from which I selected only a detail. This detail was painted and then photographed, and finally it was translated by computer into three chromatic predominants. Thus, the art of painting establishes a slow, tormented, but fruitful relationship with digital printing, which in turn presents itself as a declaration of lightness, a portable trompe l’oeil.

This connection between painting and digital printing engenders a broader kinship with the concept of mimesis, since the art of painting wants to imitate computer technology while the computer tries to imitate reality.

I have chosen a trompe l’oeil as the main subject of my artwork due to a presumption of verisimilitude, made analytical and illusionistic at the same time by the chromatic partition.

This method highlights the hypermediaton which lies behind each process of image selection and image reproduction, so as to require the eye more time to spend on the examination of the artwork in order to unveil all its meanings.”


Luca Arboccò was born in Rapallo (GE) in 1992. He lives and works in Torino. Main exhibitions included PILLS - Nesxt, 2016, Associazione Barriera, Torino, curated by Giulia De Giorgi and Maria Elena Marchetti, Work in Project, 2016, SCOOP, Torino, curated by Davide Gambaretto and Generation Y3 - Potenze al Cubo, 2015, Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale, Genova (IT), curated by Jacopo Tedeschi and Selena Candia

He attended the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Torino.



Chiara Principe (1992) and Andrea Rugarli (1993) are respectively the winners of the 2nd and 3rd prize.


Sofia Mitsola (Greece, 1992) is the winner of the audience award. Thanks to the 12.997 friends who voted in the past days.



We are happy to announce that the third edition of the Frase Got Talent Prize has been opened.


FRASE GOT TALENT PRIZE aims to encourage the talent of young artists who have distinguished themselves through creative originality and critical interest in the world of visual arts.


This year the theme of the Award on which the artists are called to express their creativity is




The competition is open to artists of all nationalities born in and after 1989.

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