"...beyond perspective... the discovery of the cosmos is a new dimension, it is infinity, so I make a hole in this canvas, which was at the basis of all the arts and I have created an infinite dimension... the idea is precisely that, it is a new dimension corresponding to the cosmos... The hole is, precisely, creating this void behind there... Einstein’s discovery of the cosmos is the infinite dimension, without end. And so here we have: foreground, middleground and background... to go further what do I have to do?...I make holes, infinity passes through them, light passes through them

(L. Fontana)

Art can not forget to express the sacred, if it is true that at the heart of the artist's gesture lives an otherness, a mysterious and elusive "presence", so hard to thematize, because it expresses the unfathomable mystery of man. The artist translates through shapes and colors this heart that aims (consciously or unconsciously) at the absolute.
Unfortunately, today, in the context of art and architecture this breath seems to have been lost. If we look at what has been achieved in the last century, the picture looks bleak, especially in recent decades.

Icònica is a project that involves the participation of young contemporary artists, called to compare the great religious art of the past, with a contemporary and personal approach. Each artist is assigned a subject to work on according to a predetermined size, the golden rectangle.

The golden rectangle is a rectangle whose proportions are based on the golden proportion. It has been considered in the centuries an absolute beauty canon, a sign of divine presence. Since Middle Ages it is found in the works of artists such as Giotto, Cimabue, Leonardo, Seraut, Mondrian

For us, the art is an adventure to an unknown world which can be explored only by those willing to
take risks.

Mark Rothko


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