for an accelerated culture


Curated by YouArtHere

March, 22 – April, 3 2014

The opening ceremony will take place on March, 21 at 7 pm.


Massimodeluca Gallery

Via torino 105/Q

30172 Mestre, Venezia

Hours Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

Saturday by Appointment


On March, 2014, at Massimodeluca Gallery will be opened the Interferences, for an accelerated culture, a group exhibition gathering young Italian and international artists.


This exhibition will be curated by Miriam Ferrari, Maria Palladino, Teresa Rinaldi, Arianna Testino and Adele Zini, members of YouArtHere group, under the supervision of Federica Bianconi.

This exhibition is a result of a profound reflection on the interference concept related to the contemporary scene on which dominates a development of identities that constantly grow and are fragmented by using new technologies. The protagonist of this scenario is the relationship between physical dimension of the body, space and nature and that virtual dimension. Such relation may take the aspects of interference, designed as an act, generator of relations and new possible senses. Exhibited works of art become a sensible mean used by artists to suggest their individual approach to the topic proposed, by recalling various practices, from painting to video-capturing, from art installations to photography, from sounds to drawings. The result is a trigger of a direct relationship with the space (intended both as an exhibition space and action „surface“) and the user, invited to participate in person.


Artists invited to participate, miscellaneous in the technical field but close from the generational point of view, are: Trisha Baga, Laura Bisotti, Brailleway, Sam Falls, Mike Goldby, Parker Ito, Aaron Koblin, Francesca Longhini, Joe Reihsen, Martin Romeo, Elisa Strinna, Ben Tricklebank, Andrea Troian, Amalia Ulman.


The YouArtHere group was founded as part of a training program promoted by the Bilateral Institution of Veneto Region and carried out at Cescot Veneto premises, with the participation of Veneto Region and European Social Fund.


With the patronage of Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation


YouArt Here partners in project are:

Artribune srl

Padova Chamber of Commerce


Confesercenti Regionale del Veneto

Querini Stampalia Fondation

Massimodeluca Gallery

Caterina Tognon Gallery

Michela Rizzo Gallery

Intermedia srl

Nord Est Europa Editore srl

Nord Est Fair srl

IUAV University of Venice


In collaboration with Frase Contemporary Art

For us, the art is an adventure to an unknown world which can be explored only by those willing to
take risks.

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